Tuesday, July 25, 2017

March (Catching Up Post)

March was a sad, strange month for us. We went to Florida intending to stay for a weekend, and ended up there for more than half the month. For much of that time, Jeremy was at his parents' house and the kids and I were at my mom's. We did school (Read-Alouds! Bible verses for copywork and handwriting! Math drills printed off the internet! Etc.), and tried to do some fun things for the kids.

(Ivy and Nan on the porch swing. Nan's father built this swing!)

(We took the Sun Train to Winter Park for ice cream)

(And of course, we went to the beach)

(the beach is Mason's happy place)

(Cory did some reading--right around this month was when his reading skills just exploded.)

We were welcomed back home with meals brought by our church family, and a crate full of legos and goodies left on our front porch by some good friends. 

Cory did a presentation on Pyrite at Timothy, and we plugged along with more school.

(My mom asks for family photos every year for her birthday. This year, we took them in the kids' new treehouse. I should have thought through how much running and climbing that would involve when the pictures were taken with a timer!)

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