Sunday, April 15, 2007

We're Back!

Sorry for the lack of entries recently. Iain has been putting us through the wringer sleep-wise, and by the time evening hits and he goes to bed, I either forget to update or am to tired to do it.

We spent Easter Sunday in Jacksonville with Kelsey and my family. It was fun - but Iain didn't really nap, so he was off kilter for that night...and all the nights since. This weekend, he started to get a bit better, but it's like we're starting over with sleep. A good night these days is like a bad night a month ago.

He sure looked cute in his Easter duds. It was so cold that I had to change him right after church, so I didn't get any pictures, but this week, I'm going to try for some good ones. Here, however are some good ones from our picnic lunch after church. There was an egg hunt, a football game, plenty of good food (Grammy - I made your Bisquick biscuits), and fun time in the grass and warm sun.

The Second-Cousins:

Sometimes all you need is a good pacifier...

Or a cute hat! (the little girl is Zoe, the one-year-old baby of friends of Kelsey who ate with us)

The old-man-with-no-teeth face
The Football Players Return:

Today, Iain figured out how to spit with his tongue between his lips. He kept it up for the entire duration of our dinner, and the funny faces that went along with it made us laugh.

And two more cute ones, just for kicks:

By the way - Iain has conquered cheerios. He can pick them up (whole fist, not two fingers) and almost always get them in his mouth where he rolls his tongue around until he can chew (or gum?) them and eat them. He loves them and they keep him happily occupied!


Mrs said...

Cheerios! Ty called them "Tookies" (cookies). He would ask me for tookies and milk. I happily obliged, until his cousin Meghan told him what a REAL cookie was! Still makes me laugh!

The tongue faces are so precious! Just when you thought he couldn't get any cuter!

See you Wednesday. For real.

Mrs said...

Iain! Iain! You're so, sooo cute! The little tongue clicking thing you did today . . . could I just have a recording of that, please? And I love how you controlled an entire room of girls by clicking your tongue and making each one of us automatically click back. You'd pick up your head and smile!

[hee hee]

Oh, and don't get used to controlling an entire room of girls. Those powers ought to fade in a couple of years.

Shannon said...

When I need to smile, and Caiden is sleeping, I come and look at Iain's happy face and I can't help but feeling that all is right with the world. You must be such a proud Mamma! I miss you by the way...maybe next week after I conquer this cold we can hang out? I'll let you know when I'm symptom free. Have a wonderful weekend!