Monday, April 30, 2007

Easter Pictures

For those of you who have been to my mom's house, I'm sure you remember the Easter pictures that run chronologically around the walls of her office. Every year since my first Easter, she's done pictures of us around Easter time. Some are cute and others...well, they were cute to her at the time. :) Anyway, I'm going to try to uphold the tradition. We didn't get a picture of Iain in his Easter suit on that Sunday, but we did get some last Saturday. We were in Tallahassee for a friend's wedding, so we plopped Iain down among the ducks at Lake Ella. Here is the result:

And just for fun: the other day after changing his diaper, I put Iain down in his crib so I could wash my hands. When I came back, he had pulled himself up on the side of the crib and was peeking out through the bars, looking like a little prisoner. :) It was the first time he had managed to pull up on the crib. Cute, eh?

Finally, a quick update on the house: we are hoping to get the framing done this weekend.


Mrs said...

How adorable! He's getting so big!

ALL the pictures of you and your sisters are cute. Admit it!


Shannon said...

Traditions...I love it! Way to go Allie!