Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Cory Edition

Big news of tonight: Cory is rolling! I just put him on the floor on his tummy and he rolled right over like he'd been doing it all his life. He's so proud of himself. :) He hardly waits until I've let go after turning him back onto his tummy before he rolls right over again! (By the way, I checked blog archives to see when Iain started rolling: it was right before he turned three months, just like Cory. Check Dec. if you want to see pictures of that again.) (Another by the way: these pictures are not of the same roll. He was too fast to me to catch all the "stages.")

And of course, when we made such a big deal about Cory rolling, someone else had to show that HE'S a good roller, too.

It's just so amazing how fast he's growing. He'll be three months old in five days! Look at that neck growing stronger!
This was Cory in February:

And now:

Looking at his big brother:

Here's our sweet boy asleep in the sunshine (and holding on tightly). We were out doing yardwork that morning.

And a few more just because I like them.

Jeremy with Iain:

Jeremy with Cory:

And now for some Cory-isms:
- Cory has given himself a sad little (big) bald spot on the back of his head by rubbing it on his bed. Or throwing it back and forth, really. He sleeps swaddled and he likes to have his face smushed against the bumper. Since he's all wrapped up the only way he can get there is by tossing his head from one side to the other until he creeps his way over. He does it all in his sleep - it's so funny to watch! Well, I took the hint and started putting him right up next to the bumper, but still he throws his head. Poor little bald spot.

- Cory must be the most good-natured baby around. He rarely cries. But when he does, he goes from silence to screaming and sobbing in an instant. And his sobs are so pitiful!

- He is a pacifier baby, but he'd just as soon hold the pacifier and chew on both it and his fingers. Sometimes he tries to get it back into his mouth on his own. Sometimes Iain helps him.

- He likes his swing pretty well, but not as much as Iain did, and not as much as Cory likes his yellow bouncy seat. Here's Cory looking old in his swing.

Cory, you are such a blessing to us. Our family would be incomplete without you - you bring us joy, smiles, and sunshine. We love you!

Stay tuned... Kelsey took some great pictures of the boys that will soon appear...along with a special post just for Aunt Jenna.


Anonymous said...

I miss my baby boys :(

-a very busy

Mrs said...

Beautiful boy! Beautiful boys! I hope you have a million of 'em!

Glenna has been going on and on about Cory's smiles. :-)

Lauren said...

ADORABLE!!!!!!!!! I can't wait to hug those boys!!! Preferably THIS WEEK!