Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Garden Begins...

... and ends just as quickly? I hope we get at least one tomato from the deal!

Playing in the dirt - I mean, planting seeds.

We planted cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, marigolds and peppers, keeping them inside in egg-cartons. Everything came up except the peppers... I think the seeds were old. But then the wedding busyness hit full-force, and I didn't get around to building the raised bed and planting them as soon as I should have. By the time we got to this stage:

...only the tomatoes and a few marigolds remained. I planted some herbs right into the ground - nothing yet. As of yesterday, all the marigolds had died off, too. I knew my thumb was brown! How can someone love plants as much as I do and yet be so terrible at keeping them alive? Ah well. At least we had fun trying!


Shannon said...

Ahhh, parting is such sweet sorrow! =) If you want to try again, I have some extra seeds (carrots, squash, beans, peas, corn (we decided not to plant this because we don't eat enough of it). You're welcome to them. Also, I have been removing tons of marigolds from our main garden plot as they were taking over. They are the good French kind that smell delicious and are touted to keep away the nematodes (soil born pest). Let me know! (If nothing more, it would be a good excuse to see you!) All three of us are currently sick, but maybe by next Monday??

Mrs said...

Oh the plants that have died in my care . . . I bring them home and Himself says, "Ye poor wee thing, we hardly knew ye . .. "

Thanks for the backlog of blogs!