Sunday, June 15, 2008

Favorite Songs

Today in the car we were listening to Raffi (Google him if you don't know who he is; he sings children songs). Iain LOVES him and always says "More...Raffi, more...raffi". Anyway, we got to one song, "Listen to the Horses Clipping Clopping." I had told Iain a few days ago that it was my favorite Raffi song. He said it was his, too (although I know he likes Sambalele best - pronounced sahm-ba-lay-lay. It's a West Indian traditional song.). Anyway, on with the story.

Today when the horse song came on, Iain, as predicted, said "Fave-rit." I asked whose favorite it was.


Apparently, God really likes Raffi. Sorry Matt Redman.


annie said...

That is awesome. We're big Raffi fans, too. Have been since I was two. :) We also really like Laurie Berkner. Have you heard her? She's so much fun!

Shannon said...

We're loving the Raffi CD you lent us Allie! Caiden asks to hear "Bus" (The Wheels on the Bus") all the time! We're going to have to look into purchasing a few of our own. =)
Are you home? I'm sure you'll want a few days to resettle into your routine, but when you're ready for a visit, holler- we can decide place and time then.