Friday, June 13, 2008

For the Record

...the baby record, that is. Here is the grand slam post to catch me up and make sure I've got the noteworthy (to me) things duly noted. Since this may be as close to a baby book as these boys get, I have to get it all in! So you have been warned! Stop now if you are faint of heart.

Iain's second (?) time; Cory's first. Iain was terrified of the water at first, but gradually got braver. He loved hanging with the cousins and especially being buried with Luke. This was from back in April, when the Bells were down.

Iain has mastered the plastic rock wall thing. My favorite part was when he pointed out the "B" in the graffiti carved into the top. (Funny note: the graffiti spells out the alphabet. If you want to do graffiti, I think you should have something more interesting to say than your ABC's. At least it's clean, though!).

*Funny Iain*
Sometimes a picture is worth... well, you know.

This is the table he set by himself! Well, he did the forks, his cup, the syrup, and the peanut butter. Pretty good getting one fork on each side, though, eh?

Here, he learns to make pizza. He dug the holes in the dough himself, a technique that has already caught on in fine culinary schools throughout Europe.

Iain is now rhyming all the time. He came up with this by himself: he'll say a work (cup, sleep, buzz, etc) and then say as many words or sounds as he can think of that rhyme with it. Sometimes we go back and forth and he'll say one and then I'll say one. He does this for five or so minutes probably ten or fifteen times a day. Sometimes he plays this game quietly to himself, and I just overhear. Word games already! A genius!

He also has a Bible story he can tell now. Here's how it goes:
Me: One time, there was a big lake. What was in the lake?
Iain: Boat!
Me: And who was in the boat?
Iain: Jesus! (pronounced Gee-us)
Me: And what was Jesus doing in the boat?
Iain: Sleepin'!
Me: And there was a big storm, with lots of rain, and
Iain: Thunder!
Me: And?
Iain: Wind!
Me: And the disciples came to Jesus, and what did they say?
Iain: Wake up!
Me: That's right, they said "wake u"p because they were afraid they were going to
Iain: Dump!
Me: Yes, dump in the lake. So what did Jesus say?
Iain: Peace, be still. (Actually, it comes out "peez, be... kill." And he usually needs a reminder about the "peace.")
Me: And what happened to the rain?
Iain: All gone.
Me: And what happened to the wind?
Iain: All gone.
Me: And what happened to the thunder?
Iain: All gone. Stopped it. (sounds like "kopp-it")
Me: That's right. Who stopped it?
Iain: Iain! (the same answer every time!)
Me: No, Iain can't stop it. Can Daddy stop it?
Iain: No.
Me: Can Mommy stop it?
Iain: No.
Me: Can Iain stop it?
Iain: No.
Me: Who can stop it?
Iain: Jesus. God. ("Gee-us. Dod")

So cute! We tried to do the feeding of the 5000, but gave up when I couldn't convince Iain that the boy gave Jesus bread and fish, not "p-pum and dip," as he kept insisting. P-pum is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, and dip is ketchup, syrup, dressing, or anything else that can be dipped into!

Going further into his theological training, Iain this morning asked God to play chase with him. Jeremy said that he hoped Iain would win. :) Then Iain ran up and down the hall once or twice. Maybe God was chasing him after all!

*Traffic Jam*
For some reason this sequence is funny to me. It shows the energy and craziness of these boys. In the car. Out of the car. You push it. Now I push it. Now both in a car. Out again. I'll crawl in the back. You get out now. I get in. And so on. And then there's Cory, counting down the days until he can play too.

*Cute Cory*
Cory is rolling and scooting all over. He'll be five months on Sunday! He still doesn't sleep through the night, in part I think because he's such a violent sleeper. He likes to roll to his tummy, and then he'll lift his head and throw it to one side, making his body roll quickly to that side. This often wakes him. Or he'll be on his back, scratching the blankets with his fingernails. Or he'll kick his feet together on the matress (slam! slam! slam!) startling himself and me awake. And oh, boy, does he love that jumpy!

He's a sunshiney one though. He always reaches for faces when being held, and loves to snuggle. He also likes to grab the hairs on the back of ones neck when snuggling and pull! He grabs his own hair, too.

Yes, he does chew on his toes. Iain never put his feet in his mouth, but Cory has been known to use his toes to pull his pacifier out of his mouth, and then stick his toes in there in its place.

He can put the pacifier back in most of the time, too. With his hands. What do you think he is, a monkey?

*Visit to Grammy and Papa*

Iain helped himself to scoops of the cherry topping off Jeremy's birthday pie!

After a lot of long work days, Jeremy took a day off so we could go to the Epcot Flower and Garden Festival (thanks, Aunt Gloria!). We left Iain behind with Grace, as he wouldn't have made it very long, and took the more flexible Cory with us. We had a good time - Cory especially liked the Mariachi band in Mexico. Iain had a great time, too.

*The fort*
Every kid must have a fort like this for a few days after his parents bring something home in a box. Iain likes to read and play with his buddies in his.

*Where's Iain?*
This is what he has started yelling out whenever he wants to be found. :) He is a ham!


(Iain likes to sway like an elephant, and pick up imaginary food with his arm as the trunk. Last time we were at the zoo, he and Jeremy got to see the elephant show!)

(Mother's Day ice cream)

Whew! You made it! Give yourself a pizza trophy. Dig some holes in the dough if you REALLY want to be cool.


annie said...

I love it all! And, thanks, I think we will be giving ourselves a pizza trophy this evening. Complete with holes. :)

We got a mighty cute card in the mail last week from some mighty cute kiddos. Isabel opened the card all by herself, though I had to "help" her with the card part because otherwise she'll rip it. She reeeallly likes ripping paper and tries to every chance she gets, laughing no matter how many times her mama says, "No!" :)

I totally stole your let-the-baby-make-the-card idea for my mom for her birthday. I hope you don't mind.

I miss you guys!

Mrs said...

Whew! Consider yourself caught up. Well done!

Loved the post, loved the pictures, love the family!

Jessie said...

I absolutely LOVE all of the photos! :D So cute! Definitely got in my baby quota for the day. :) Thank you.