Thursday, June 05, 2008

I've Been Tagged!

In all my time in blog-world, I've never been tagged before. Is this the internet equivalent to being the last one picked for kickball? But now, thanks to my friend Lauren (Noah's mom, to you frequent readers), I have made the cut. I am supposed to write six little-known facts about myself. Oh, the pressure!

1. I think McDonald's has the best tasting water anywhere. Not the bottled water. I mean the stuff you get when you ask for a cup of water to go with your Big Mac. Yum. And it's consistently the best, no matter what McDonald's you hit.

2. I love Oxford. As in, the university in England (yes, I know it's supposed to be called Great Britain. England has a Romantic ring to it, though). I visited briefly when I backpacked there with my cousin Chris during college. It confirmed my suspicion that Oxford is a wonderful, beautiful, mysterious place full of spires and learning.

3. I think the theory of redemptive analogies might just be the very coolest thing in the world. The idea is that God has woven the story of Jesus and His redeeming work into every culture through their stories, traditions, culture, songs, history, etc. There are many stories of missionaries being able to better tell an unreached people group about the Lord when they see and use this hidden key. Doesn't that just show God's creativity, power, and heart for the nations?!

4. On a less serious note, over 50% of my dreams at night take place at the Lake House, the big piece of property where I grew up that had four houses built on it (I lived in three of them), tons of aunts, uncles, and cousins around, great climbing trees, and was on Lake Howell, which is beautiful. I would love to live there again, but unfortunately, I think it would sell for well over a million now.

5. I would like to hike the Appalachian Trail someday.

6. I used to be on an award-winning puppet team. Yes, puppet team. And yes, to win awards, we had to compete. Puppet competitions. Now you know why I wasn't chosen first for kickball. :)

I tag Lisa, who doesn't post nearly enough, Annie, just because she's cool, and Shannon, whom I hope to see very soon!

Now, for those of you who check this blog just for the pictures, let me accommodate:

Here is my kitchen elf, and my kitchen elf-in-training:

Some outside fun:

My silly big boy in the little boy's toy:

Just because it's cute (thanks for the picture, Papa):

Last week, the boys and I took a long walk one evening when Jeremy was away playing drums at a church for some friends. We ended up being so close to 7-11 that we decided to stop in a get a slurpee to share. So I poured some into Iain's sippy cup, gave him a straw, and off we went, walking home, enjoyig our treat. The only problem? The slurpee was RED and Iain decided it tasted better when eaten with his hands. Straw shmaw. Cory, meanwhile, felt left out but was mollified with something to chew that didn't contain red dye and sugar.

Check back soon for some more posts. I've got a lot of catching up to do!


Mrs said...

I agree with God's story woven into every culture. I heart God. He's so good like that!

Thanks for the update and the pics! I have a picture if Iain cutie-pie on my blog as well!

annie said...

We were just talking yesterday about how we could accomplish hiking the Appalachian Trail sometime in our future. David said it takes about six months....I don't think he can take that much time off work. Of course, that's from beginning to end. Maybe we'll just hike a little bit at a time?

I love that redemptive analogies theory! I may have heard of it before, but I can't remember. It sounds beautiful. Have you read The Poisonwood Bible? It's kind of the opposite but it makes you think about such a theory.

I've never been tagged for anything, either. I'll try my best to live up to the honors. I had no idea Lisa had a blog!

Natalie said...

Your boys are so beautiful!! I would love to get together with you sometime. We're over in Winter Park still. Email me your number and we'll figure it out.
Where are you going to church? Still haven't found a home...hope to see you soon, Natalie

Lauren said...

Allie, SO GREAT! I loved learning these things about you. Thanks for playing along. :) The McDonald's water thing... Now THAT I've never heard. And I think you need to do some puppeteering for the kiddos while I twirl my batons. Wouldn't that be a sight??