Friday, November 14, 2008

Funny, Funny Boy

Tales from life with Iain, in honour of his 26-month-birthday.

Iain pulls up a stool and says, "I'm going to sit on my sitting thing and think about Noah."

Iain likes to jump up and down in his crib and say "onion."
Me: Why do you say onion?
Iain: Because it's funny to make a word

Iain, at dinner, turns to Noah's mom Lauren Geiger and says, "May I have some treats, Geiger-Beiger?"

As he sits on a blanket on the living room floor, he points at me and says accusingly, "You want to bring me some food."

A song that he doesn't care for comes on (my goodness does he have opinions about songs!). He says, "I don't like this song. It's making me nervous."

Me: Iain, do you remember your dreams?
Iain (and he says this story verbatim every time I ask him this question): I was walking down the street and it was raining and the thunder went BOOM-off, and I went in the building and Noah was there and I chased him.

David, who works with Jeremy comments on the fact that Iain is walking around in Jeremy's shoes.
David: How did your feet get to be so big?
Iain: Because I am two.

Instead of asking "why?" like every other child, Iain says, "because..." and leaves it to you to fill in the blank. The past two days, he's added a "yeah." So now it's something like this:
Me: Iain, get your shoes on.
Iain: Yeah because...

Tonight I was commenting to Jeremy about the fact that Iain doesn't like the nail on one particular thumb to be clipped. He always tells me to be careful of the thumb. Jeremy asked him why he didn't like that thumbnail being cut, and he replied, without missing a beat, "Because it's long and hairy." What?!


Christopher Ryan said...

He's SO CUTE! I can't wait 'til you bring them both over here so we can give them big hugs! ;) ;) Isn't it great the little moments of laughter God gives through kids' little mouthes?

Lauren said...

HA!! I love how so many of his Iain-isms include Noah.

Yeah because...



Matt said...

That's funny and great! Iain, that's great! Keep the questions coming Iain, got to keep your Mom and Dad on their toes!

Keep the great blogging coming, Allie!

Hope the family's doing well!