Sunday, November 09, 2008

Gifts This Day

45. Cory looks SO CUTE in his little blue turtleneck/
46. legos. They're very theraputic, you know. They always seem to fit together just right.
47. cool weather
48. old friends
49. There's this blue wooden block on my desk. It has a clock face painted on it, and doors below that. Whenever Iain plays blocks, he always brings me this one and says it's my house. Now he just wants it to stay on my desk all the time, and I do, too.
50. music, in general
51. and good books
52. and this quote: "Seeing our Father in everything makes life one long thanksgiving and gives rest of heart, and, more than that, a gayety of spirit that is unspeakable" (Hannah Whitall, Smith)
53. seeing the Body of Christ come together yesterday to put on a beautiful wedding for a friend. Working together, sharing time and talents, enjoying blessing a family that we love and that has blessed us all - this is what Christians should be known for.
54. new journals waiting to be filled
55. this picture, which makes me laugh. Cory looks like an alien baby, no?

56. Iain learned the word Amsterdam when Kelsey and Haylee went there earlier this year. It has become one of his favorite words. Only he has morphed it in true Iain style and now likes to randomly repeat Hamster-dampt.


Mrs said...

Does that mean "wet Hamster?"

The flowers were BEAUTIFUL! You did a great job!

Phyllis said...

Not so much like an alien baby, but like one of those self-portraits that people love to do with digital cameras. Talented baby!

I'm thanking God with you!

(Wedding flower photos?)

Christopher Ryan said...

Yay for Thanksgiving! We're planning on introducing our new German friends to it this year! It's wonderful to have a day where we focus on being thankful for all God has given, isn't it? Miss you guys! Give the boys hugs from Uncle Ryan and Aunt Sidonie!