Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Iain-isms Abound

Iain, on checking the empty mailbox: This one is out of mail. I want to check another one.

Looking in the closet: I'm checking in to see if they have shoes. They do.

Just now, when I asked Iain what funny things he's said recently: Buuuum-py.

Sometimes at night, Iain and I have a little game where I tell him what things I love him bigger than/faster than/longer than/etc. One night, I said: Iain, I love you faster than a train. I love you louder than a train. I love you bigger than a train.
Iain: I like the train better.

Yesterday while driving, I had to stop rather quickly, as the truck in front of me slammed on his breaks. I asked the boys if they were okay and said something about the crazy drivers.
Iain: Yeah, and Mama is a a crazy driver.
Me: No I'm not!
Iain: Yeah, you stopped too fast.

Not particularly quippy, but cute: here's how Iain ALWAYS wants his drink.
Iain: May I have some cold-water-and-ice-please.

The other day while playing with Aunt Kelsey's hair (and later the exact same thing with my own hair)
Iain: I m going to do your hair a little bit because it's very long and fat.

This one takes a bit of explaining. Sore of our favorite movie quotes come from Mr. Deeds with Adam Sandler. One of the characters, trying to get out of work, says in an over-the-top croaking voice, "Cough, cough. Deeds, I'm sick." So last week when Iain had his cough, I taught him to say that, so he could make Jeremy laugh with his cleverness. Iain added a hilarious voice, kind of between a croak and a growl, and now if anyone coughs, we hear the chirping, rasping voice say, "cough-cough-Deeds-I'm-sick" and then Iain waits with a grin for us to laugh, and we always oblige.

Tonight in the car, says Iain: Have to help me take off my thumb. (Iain pulls at thumb.)
Me: Why do you want to take off your thumb?
Iain: Because I don't like it.
Me: But I like your thumb.
Iain, wailing: But I don't LIKE it!

More to come, I promise!


Mrs said...

I can think of two words to describe these Iainisms:

Aunt Haylee.

Rachel said...

my my my, that boy is carazy!

Christopher Ryan said...

I love hearing all these cute little sayings! I can just picture him saying these things! How goes the book? Well, hope you guys have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Can hardly wait for the pictures of our nephews, hint, hint! Tell the boys and Jeremy hello from us!

Anonymous said...

I think Iain actually meant that our hair was long and PHAT (not fat) as in really, really cool.


Cridget said...
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Cridget said...

It is so funny that you guys have him quoting Adam Sandler. Fitting too, I think I always expected your children to quote Mr. Deeds - but I thought it would be the "School is for fools!" quote first.

Miss you guys!