Saturday, February 14, 2009

And The Winner Is...

Number Three!

(You know I mean the winner of MY contest, not of the real Beautiful Baby contest, though hopefully we'll win that, too. Scrounging for college scholarship money can never start too early, right? :)

And some more winners:

Best Davey Rocker look-alike:

(He LOVES his Davey Rocker cd, and Jeremy and I like it, too - good because we hear it A LOT! Davey Rocker is my mom's cousin David, and his band played at our and Jenna and Curtis' weddings. If you have kiddos, get this cd - it's fun and funny: "Reach for the sky, carrot." Anyway, Iain calls this his Davey Rocker hat.)

Tied for Cutest Baby Playing With Own Head: Cory at 12.5 months, and Iain at 12 months:

Best Tattoos:

(Iain told me what names he wanted on his arms: Iain, Cory, Nan, Nona, Luke, John, Aunt Samantha.)

1 comment:

Papa said...

What I want to know is, "How did you ever narrow it down to just 7 pictures in the first place?"
I love your first choice.