Thursday, February 05, 2009

Cory's Birthday Party

I'm back in the swing of things, after a four-day trip to Georgia. I've got so many adorable pictures from the past month or and I feel way behind on this blog! Because I have to show you ALL the pictures I have. (Actually, you only see a few small selections.)

So here's the end of Cory's first birthday. These are from the actual day: Jeremy and Iain and I gave him this sandbox toy thing that both boys love. We gave it to him on his actual birthday - figured he'd be getting enough at his party a few days later that we should spread the wealth a little.

And the actual party. Here's the run-down, for those who are interested (i.e. me when I look back at this virtual baby book and wonder what we ate and who came).

Nona, Kelsey, Haylee, Nan
Grammy and Papa
Lauren and Noah
Uncle Alex, Aleah, Grace, Jake

The cake:
A dirt cake airplane runway (in honour of Cory's uncanny ability to be the first one to hear or see planes and point them out to the rest of us), with a plane, a banner, and a helicopter.

Party time!

(Sorry those last ones are all so small. I've been working on uploading to this post off and on for an hour now, and I'm done!)


Mrs said...

Is THAT where the little plane and helicopter came from! They're so cute!

I've never met Noah, but it's neat to see how much he's grown on the pages of your blog.

Hope the weather warms up soon so we can play outside! (I know the boys would be fine. It's ME who's the wimp.)

s i d. said...

Cory is such a big kid! And is it just me or are Iain's legs incredibly long in that trampoline picture? Allie, I thought I specifically asked you not to let the boys grow up so fast. Awwwnt Sidonie is so sad and faraway...way...ay...ay..ay.....