Monday, July 27, 2009


We've been down in FL for the past two weeks, waiting for my nephew to be born. No baby news yet - but we've been having all kinds of adventures while we wait. For example,

Driving down - sweet brothers! Cory says, "han, han" until Iain holds his hand.

What a face!

Tractor blankets from Mrs. G - the boys love them. Especially Cory!

The day after we got here, we went to the beach for a big Schweizer family reunion. The boys had a great time, and I ended up looking like a lobster (it's much easier to make sure your kids aren't getting burned than it is to make sure you're not). Here's Cory and Grace.

One afternoon, we walked to the 7-11 for Slurpees. Slurpees = good idea. Walking in 99-degree weather = bad idea.

Another day, we all went thrift-store shopping and the kids got free cookies at Publix. Aren't we just so creative?

We got to spend some time with Lauren and Noah (by the way, Noah's baby brother will be born tomorrow - sharing my birthday! Fun!).

And we put Aunt Jenna in jail.

And tonight, we capped off our weeks of fun and frivolity by getting Slurpees again, and walking around on the Big Green Monster (a bridge that goes over the road).

Speaking of Cory, he's really talking up a storm! While we lived in the Middle House, he put his first sentence together: All done, Mama. But after that, back to a word here and there. Right before we came down here, his speaking really took off! He imitates us using words (i.e. "Say Slurpee, Cory!" "Fluur-fees!"), and routinely uses two or more words together. And he uses adjectives - how cool is that! He said, pointing at a tiny box of raisins that he wanted: "that little box." Although it came out more like "da lil bah." I got the point. And he said "Bee baahh" for "big ball."

I love, love, love this stage - watching the language skills develop, finally getting to hear what's on his mind. Love it!

Iain's been eating up all this cousin time. The Nelsons and the Bells are here, and the Alex Schweizers are close by, so there is always someone to play with. He is having a blast. I don't think he'll know what to do with himself when we go home.

He's a trip, that boy. The other day, he informed my mom that he wanted to be called Cat Boy. Um, okay. Later, I asked him why.
Iain: Cat Boy is not a regular boy name, and I wanted a different name. So I thought, well, Cat Boy is a good name.

(Right. I especially liked the "well" in the middle.)


Raquel said...
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Raquel said...

And it was great seeing you guys! The last time I really saw Iain was at sewing class a LONG time ago, and he was so small! Cory wasn't even born then.

By the way, I enjoyed your devotional at the shower yesterday.

Happy birthday! I can't wait for Jenna's baby!

Shannon said...

Love it! Thanks for sharing as always. We loved seeing you too!