Sunday, July 05, 2009

Summer Days

More pictures, not much to say. I think my brain has checked out, or at least gone on vacation. I do have at least two posts cooking, though. Anyway, on to the pictures:

These two were from yesterday, July 4th. Iain had a fever, so we couldn't do any of the things we had planned. But we did go at his request to see the caboose. Cory is fascinated with spitting. It's his new favorite hobby.

This is my Kitchen Elf's newest creation: saucepan + spices + chopsticks.

Here's Cory looking cute and sleepy after a nap.

We spent the night with Curtis and Jenna last week. Iain talked on the whole drive over about riding a tractor "If Uncle Curtis says yes." Which he did. Before we left, Iain told the cashier at Aldi that we were going to see Aunt Jenna. The cashier asked where Aunt Jenna lived, and Iain replied, "About two hours away." She was impressed. :)

This is at Jenna and Curtis' mini golf course.

The day we left for J&C's house, we had our septic tank worked on. Talk about some pricey entertainment for the boys! Next time I think we'll go for a toy car.

We had a week-long visit with Grammy and Papa. They painted and worked the whole time they were here! Got so much done! And they kept the boys overnight for us so we could go out for Jeremy's birthday (belated). We went to a cool historic hotel in the city and spent our first night away from the boys.

And Cory. Sometimes one "pah-pah" just doesn't cut it.


Glenna W. said...

It's so great to hear from you! I was talking to Jenna today and she was telling me about your great home decor. ;-) I hate to say Bekah hasn't finished the railways yet. So if you see random train tracks in the yard you can be assured that it's us.

Nona said...

Can't wait to see you guys soon!

Christopher Ryan said...

First off, your boys are just adorable, and I really hope we get to see you guys while we're visiting.

Secondly, Jeremy got new glasses!! He looks SO different without the dark frames I'm used to!

Thirdly, I remember another time that Jeremy's folks came to visit, and it seems did the same things! ;) Aren't loving, Godly parents the best?

Well, hope to see you guys soon! Give the boys hugs for us!