Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Rest of the Grammy and Papa Visit

Our visit with Grammy and Papa (last month, the week before Easter) was busy with loads of fun boy-activities. We got to their house late Sunday night, with both boys still awake. It took about two days for them to get back on their regular schedule, and Iain had a fever all day Monday (from tiredness? He does that sometimes.). So we laid low and played with "fishing poles" and boats in the pond out back.

By Tuesday, we were about ready to party. :) Phil and Kelly came to visit, and I have not a single good picture of that visit. Ah well. A good time was had by all.

And Papa made submarines with the boys. How fun to have a science teacher for a grandfather!

On Wednesday, we took a trip to Jungle Gardens (see previous post). The boys loved it, and they still talk frequently about the "bad flamingo" who tried to peck at them. Well, it's true, he was a little testy.

I think this is the only photo I have with a boy and the bad flamingo.

The rest of the day was spent asking if each animal we saw bites, and if it would be a good pet.

And then another highlight of the trip: shooting a water-filled bottle rocket with Papa. My goodness how they loved it! Iain kept calling himself "the famous guy."

(If you look carefully, you can see the bottom of the bottle rocket at the very top of this picture.)

Thanks for a great visit, Grammy and Papa! Up next, the beach, Disney, and time in Orlando...
Recent funnies:

Iain, to me at bedtime: You are the goodest mama. All the other mamas are not good enough.

Cory, who was eating raisin bran, offered Jeremy a raisin. Jeremy declined.
Jeremy: I have my own cereal, Cory.
Cory: This raisin is not called cereal. This raisin is called raisin.
Jeremy: That's true. (eats the raisin.)
In adoption news, we are three months DTR today (dossier to Rwanda). We are in the thick of the longest wait in the journey to our little girl, waiting for a precious email from the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion in Rwanda containing a non-objection, or approval, letter. This letter states that we have been approved to adopt by the country of Rwanda (we've already been approved by the USA). The original wait time from DTR to approval was 3-6 months, so we're in that window now. But... now the wait time is being estimated at 7-9 months. We are praying and hoping that the approval will come soon! The Ministry has a lot of responsibilities, many of them non-adoption related, so we pray for them as well!

We want you to come with us on our next vacation, little daughter! You'd love it....


Jessica Leigh said...

I love all the Iain and Cory-isms!
Can't wait for you to post daughter-isms!

Praying for you!

Nona said...

Is Cory wearing your old overalls in some of these pics? So cute! thanks for posting all the pictures. :)

Allie said...

Yes, those are my old overalls. :)