Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Easter Pictures, 2010

If you go to my mom's house and look at the walls of her office, you will see pictures of my sisters and me in our Easter finery, displayed in a row around the top of her office walls. She took a picture of us every Easter, often - way too often - in matching dresses. 

Oh the years we had! Big, poufy bangs, hats, polka dots... the list goes on. As the years progress, we add people in slowly: first, Jeremy (I think his first year was the corduroy jacket year), then Iain, then Cory, then Curtis (my sister Jenna's husband), and then Isaiah (their son). And my mom has stopped making the pictures Easter ones - now whenever all of us are together, she says it's time for an Easter picture. She swears she only takes one per year, but I know it's more than that. It rarely happens on Easter anymore. But this year, it did! (Although when our little girl comes home - hopefully this year! - she'll take another one. See, two in one year!)

Every year, there is no small amount of...um... discussion about what we should wear. This year, one of my sisters chose black and white and denim. Here's the result:

Poor Iain wiped out in the parking lot on the way to the train track and bit his lip. It was pretty bad, but he was a trooper and even smiled for the pictures. And - his white shirt didn't get any (noticeable) blood on it.

After pictures, we headed to 7-11 for slurpees, of course. We liked the brick wall, so we coerced my mom into a picture with us. I'm sure she won't hang this one on the wall however. She never makes it onto the wall of pictures, somehow. :)

My uncle Randy came with us to help get the kiddos to smile. This was, hands down, my favorite picture we took. Please let this one be the Easter picture for the year!

A few candids:

(Cory sharing his slurpee with me)

Anyway, despite my mocking, I like the Easter picture idea. My mom took the boys' picture this year, in their Easter finery. Cute, huh?

Love Cory's face in this one:

And the years past...

Easter, 2009 (I realized just now that I don't have this picture - Kelsey or my mom does... I'll add it in when I get it from them...)


Raquel said...

I loved these! They made me smile. You have such a great family :)

Jessica Leigh said...

Oh, come on! Those Easter pictures on your mom's wall are the BEST! :D

What wonderful photos to add to the wall of fame!
(Or does Hay call it the Wall of Shame?)

Courtney said...

those are some GREAT pictures!!! it's hard to get group shots...especially with little kids!

Alison McLennan said...

Beautiful, adorable pictures! You've inspired me to buy a camera that WORKS! You have a gorgeous family. Can't wait to meet them IN PERSON. :)

Christopher Ryan said...

Yay! Love this years Easter pic as much as all the others in the office! (I agree that the one with Uncle Randy is the best! ;) I have to say that my favorite is the boys with their beautiful little smiles - I can't believe how big they're getting and hope we get to see you guys when we're in the States this year!

Anonymous said...

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Ma said...

Beautiful stories and pictures. I remember those wall photos from the one time we were in your mom's house. Treasured memories for you all! Mrs. Edress

Shannon said...

Ah, can't wait for the next Easter picture with THREE!!! Praying for that day to be closer and closer! Hugs!