Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Violent and the Theoretical

(This is a picture of Goliath after David killed him. I drew the original mean face, because Iain likes to tape it to a wall and whack it with a bat, yelling "the battle is the Lord's!" But this time, he decided it would be a picture of Goliath already dead. Rather gory, if you ask me. And Iain still taped it to the wall and hit it with things.)

Yes, I do have boys. That means we talk all the time about things like this:

Iain: Mama, would a horse be faster than a train? Would a race car be faster than a regular car? Would a horse be faster than a person? Would a tiger be faster than a race car? Would a giant be faster than a train?

Iain: (looking at the book How the Grinch Stole Christmas) The grinch was mean to steal. I think we should make him dead.

Iain: Cory took my toy! How about a make a big robot to take it back from him?

Me: (Note: never talk about bad drivers in front of small children.) Don't cut me off!
Iain: He did a bad thing, didn't he? Maybe we should make him dead.
Me: No, it wasn't that big a deal, Iain. It's okay.
Iain: How about if we get a giant to make him dead?

Cory: If I saw a bad giant I would chase him into the woods and yell, "Go away!" and I would hit him with my sword!

These boys are obsessed with giants. And making things dead (but just bad things, so I figure it's okay). And swords, bats, guns, robots. 

Iain's other new thing is to imagine rather odd situations and figure out what would happen. Here are a few of his latest ones:
Iain: If we had to live underground, what would happen?
If we lived in our car, what would happen?
If our house floated up to heaven, what would happen?
If we lived in Walmart, what would happen?

Then he follows it up with logistical issues: what we'd have to bring with us (always pillows and blankets), what we'd eat (in the Walmart scenario, we were sleeping on the food so we could eat it in the night), who would sleep where (in the car it was "big people in the front, and little people in the back," and more. Maybe he'll be some kind of disaster response planner someday.

Boys are so much fun.


Teresa Dawn said...

Lol! Yes I think that's a good career choice. Maybe he can plan what to do in the case of a giant attack while he's at it. Just make sure he doesn't come across any really tall people when he's holding a baseball bat :p

Jenn said...

Oh my gosh aren't they! We have daily conversations like that in our house too. Lately it's all robots, Star Wars, and legos. I have a feeling our boys would get along well! I love being a mom to a boy!

Christopher Ryan said...

I laughed out loud on the train reading the driving story! Love it! It's great to be able to read about the development of the boys' personalities since we've not been able to see them in so long! Hope to see you all when we're there this summer! Any plans to come to FL in August or September? ;D

Mommy Trouble said...

This is priceless. I have 2 step-sons whom I have similar conversations with. One is 11 and one is 7 so the conversations vary, but the biggest thing from the 7yr old is - "What would you get if you mixed (x) with (y)?"

His favorite color is "Grilver"

Silver and Green :)