Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Departs

I know I haven't done any Christmas posts yet, but suddenly I'm here looking at the last day of 2010 and so I skipped ahead. Here's what our 2009 looked like. In random order, in 2010, we...

:: we were finally DTR on January 25

:: we made some good friends in Georgia

:: we had four more adoption fundraisers (Valentine's Day babysitting, two garage sales, and a worship concert night)

:: we moved the TV into the basement and haven't missed it

:: we got a dog

:: Jeremy and Iain went camping with the church menfolk. It was Iain's first time going away with his dad overnight!

:: we went to Florida six times, Tennessee twice, Pennsylvania once, Alabama a few times, and South Carolina once

:: we had overnight guests for some part of twenty-two of the 52 weeks, and we were overnight guests for some part of fifteen of the 52 weeks (some weeks overlapped though)

:: we went on our first marriage retreat and loved it

:: we started leading the kids' ministry at church and have been since May

:: I did Nano again, and finished!

:: we hosted my sister's college ministry, ACCESS218, when they were in GA for a mission trip

:: we had our AC go completely out during said hosting of the group, and had to get the whole unit replaced. Ugg.

:: I went on my first ladies' retreat

:: Jeremy, Iain, and Cory were all in Jeremy's brother Phil and Kelly's wedding

:: we went camping and the boys slept like champs!

:: I did my first Beth Moore Bible study

:: we went to a Braves game

:: Iain learned to read

:: we took both boys to their first Urgent Care visits (Cory for a knee injury, and Iain for a wheezing cough)

:: we had our hopes raised and dashed countless times when it came to adoption

:: I devoured books by Philip Yancey that ask hard questions. I asked a lot myself

:: Jeremy worked at two shows for OakTree

:: Cory turned two at the beginning of the year, and Iain turned four most of the way through

:: Cory was potty-trained

:: I coordinated a wedding for the first time. Jeremy read Scripture at the same wedding

:: we hosted two small groups and continued with the play group

:: we joined an Africa adoption fellowship group

:: we got re-fingerprinted, and Jeremy has to go again in a few days

:: we visited our dear friends in Pennsylvania

:: we started writing a new curriculum for Kids' Church

:: we volunteered at a Steven Curtis Chapman concert

:: we did the Jesse Tree for the first time

:: I joined a writers' group and read a ton of books

:: Jeremy got involved in the leadership of our church

:: we passed the eleven month milestone of being DTR, and the seventeen month milestone of when we started our adoption journey.

:: we learned a lot this year. If last year was crazy, this year was stretching. Here's hoping the theme of next year will be rejoicing.

So adieu, 2010. And to all a good night.

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