Monday, January 24, 2011

Cory is Three--Part Two

And now for the party pictures. Hold on to your hat--there are a lot of them.

The theme: Cory wanted an animal party, so we decided on animal cupcakes, stuffed animal decorations, and asked everybody to bring their favorite buddy.
The guests: The Burton family, the Whatley family, and the Chris Schweizer family.

Cory's last day as a two (sniff, sniff):

Working on the cupcakes:

The finished product, rendered at 11:30 that night, iced and decorated:

After we decided on cupcakes, Cory said he also needed a birthday cake. Try as I might to convince him that cupcakes could hold candles and be birthday cakes, he insisted that he needed both. So I obliged. It was his birthday, after all.

The Burtons helped us make this year's birthday banner. I love this series of pictures:

Getting ready for the party:

Party time! We made animal masks and party hats for the buddies...

...and ate cupcakes...

...and went on a Lion Hunt...

...and a Tiger Hunt...

(drinking water after crossing the desert)

The cake! The real one!
Chris (my cousin) made the boys Star Wars costumes:
The Greats (minus Addie--we missed you!):
And Cory wanted to type something himself:


Mrs said...

Happy Birthday, Cory! Love the cupcakes, but the cake is definitely my favorite. If I lived near you, I may have tapped on your door and asked for a piece. (Hopefully, you would have said yes!)

Lindy said...

I am so so sad we missed this!! Stupid icy roads. glad Cory had a fantastic birthday!!

Donis said...

LOVED seeing these wonderful birthday pictures! Looks like a great time! I miss you guys!!

Raquel said...

Happy birthday Cory! And those cupcakes and the cake were SO cute! (:

Anonymous said...

I still feel badly that I missed Cory's party! And I have a feeling it will be one of those things he reminds me of next time I see him too. I like Iain's expression in the pic of the costumes Chris made... he's got that look down well!
-Aunt Kels