Monday, January 24, 2011

Cory is Three--Part One

Cory's Birth Day

Cory's First Birthday
(and post, and other post, and still other post --good grief!)

Cory's Second Birthday

Cory's Third Birthday

Happy birthday, Cory! You are such a big and smart little boy. You have grown two inches in the past five months, and your vocabulary is amazing. What other three-year-old boy uses words like "select" or "nervous"? You know all your letters and their sounds (and have for a few months). You run fast, jump high, climb, and walk on the back of the couch. You have strong opinions and you communicate them clearly (read: you like to throw fits). :)

Words by Cory:
You like to: do instruments and eat trash, and dance around and have a band. (Edited to add: Trash is our name for the very tasty chex mix dessert made with peanut butter, chocolate, and powdered sugar. Cory says, "You make the best trash ever, Mama." Words to warm any mother's heart.)
Your favorite food: trash! I like trash the most!
Your favorite movie: Curious George
Your favorite toy: I don't know yet. Sweetie Pie!
Your favorite book: I don't have a favorite book. Oh, I like Pooh. Pooh is funny because Piglet says "Help, Help, a horrible hephalump! Help, help, a terrible heffie-lump!" That story.
You can: Write C and O and sometimes R and Y ("I can do R all the times! I can do a lump and two lines."); ride a scooter; throw a football (and yell, "Here comes the high one down the middle!"

Cory, you have a very strong sense of right and wrong, and you want to defend the right. You show us this by insisting that we fight the bad guys, even if the bad guys are just people that cut us off in traffic or write books we don't care for, or predict the weather wrong. Your name, which means spear carrier is very appropriate.

You love Jesus, Cory. You like to sing to Him, and you pray a lot. Your prayers are usually: Dear Jesus, thank You for this food, and please help all the children not get sick or hurt, in Jesus' name amen, and thank You for this food. You have a compassionate heart, and you always pray for people if you hear that someone is sick, or if you see a fire truck or an ambulance.

You have big brown eyes and sweet, kissable cheeks. You love your brother and your baby sister. You are all boy, all movement and wiggles and noise and fun and hugs and snuggles. We love you so much, Cory! Happy birthday.


Anonymous said...

Love you, Cory! So thankful that you're my nephew!
Aunt Kels

Nona said...

Happy days of being three years old, sweet Cory!