Saturday, January 30, 2010

Cory's Second Birthday Party

Everyone's talking about the event of the year: Cory's second birthday party.  Held on the pristine grounds of the Linduff estate, the gathering boasted a delicious spread: a brownie/animal cake (as requested by the guest of honor and garnished with sprinkles and two yellow crayon candles), chex mix, cheeto balls, and popcorn.  A well-rounded guest list included celebrity names such as Grammy and Papa, Aunt Haylee (who indulged the young gentleman Cory in a rousing game of Kapowee!), Nan and Nona, Elmo, and various members of two branches of the Schweizer clan.  Cory played an impeccable host, showing delight and gratitude at each gift received.  If you weren't at this gala event, never fear.  The festivities will be repeated on an annual basis.

(I love how he holds the present with his feet!)

Other FL pictures:

Iain playing Pickle with the cousins.

Cory watching the Pickle game and working on his wink.

Sweet boy!  Not too big for snuggles.


Mrs said...

Love the wink! He's pretty good at it!

Christopher Ryan said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CORY! Love the pic of Cory hugging Elmo, and the one of him working on a wink - is that a Jeremy Brannon face, or what?

Raquel said...

Happy birthday Cory! I'm lovin the wink too. :D

Christina said...

Too Cute!

Nicole said...

very cute!