Saturday, January 02, 2010


Iain held up the swiffer and said he had made it into a sign.  The sign was from the President of Rwanda, and it said, You can get a baby sister, and you can ride on a train that moves.

Iain, holding up a piece of onion: I don't like onions.
Me: Just leave it on your plate.
Cory: (reaches over and grabs it off Iain's plate.  Holds it up.)
Iain: Good boy, Cory!
Cory, holding up the onion: I like peppers!
Iain: Actually, it's an onion, though.
Cory: I like onions!

Iain's new song: I've got condensation in my tummy!  I've got condensation in my tummy!

Cory's new response when we ask him to do something: I be d'lighted to.

When Iain was younger, he'd ask questions properly, but with no inflection: a flat, "Can I have a snack."  Cory asks questions with TONS of inflection but the wrong words: a very swinging, "I have a snack???"


Christina said...


Christopher Ryan said...

Great funnies all!

Raquel said...

Adorable! And I think it's super sweet how Iain is able to understand and is excited about getting a baby sister. :)

Nona said...

Those boys are so clever!