Friday, January 15, 2010

Look Who's Two!

Happy birthday, Cory!  

January 15, 2008

January 15, 2009  - Cory's first birthday!

January 15, 2010 - Cory's second birthday!

On your second birthday, you:
--have only eight teeth, but I can see more coming through
--still use your pacifier at night and nap, but not during the day
--love "messy cheese" (shredded cheese), ice cream, pizza toast, and oatmeal
--like the color green
--wear cute little converse shoes
--like to play in the dirt
--love to sing and play guitar
--like to jump
--pray with one eye opened and your face scrunched up (like a pirate), "Dear Jesus thank You for de food dear Jesus amen."
--still snuggle with me when you're going down for your nap.  I "rock-a-rock" you in the glider, and you hold onto my hair
--snuggle with Daddy when you go to sleep at night.  He holds you and sings to you and you always ask for a "last song"
--love Iain and copy everything he says
--have a rather quiet, low, gravelly voice that is so cute!
--talk a lot, and in full sentences, pausing between words ever-so-slightly, but speaking clearly and accurately
--are learning to talk to and love Jesus
--bring us all so much joy

Happy birthday, little man.  We love you so!

(for Cory's day of birth post, go here.  For his one year old post, go here.)


Mrs said...


Happy Birthday, Cory!

s i d. said...

I give the video 10 stars! (Is that even allowed?:D)

Nona said...

Happy, happy birthday to you, Cory!

Ma said...

Cute, cute, cute video! I can't believe he's two already! They grow up so FAST!