Friday, January 08, 2010


Temperature today: 19 degrees, feels like 6 because of all the wind and damp.  So says the weather site, anyway.  And I believe it.  It's COLD!

Yesterday afternoon, it started to snow!  Now this may not be big news for some of you reading this, but for us former Floridians, it's a big deal.  Actually, to all of Atlanta, it's a big deal.  Snow day, no school, 27-car-pile ups, DOT saying stay off the road.  I bet you folks up north are laughing.  

Iain has been practicing tracing letters that I write for him.  Pretty good, huh?

I took the boys outside this morning (it was so cold my eyes were watering!) to play in the inch or so of snow on the driveway.  Cory loved it.  Iain hated it.  Ah well.

Cory and I tried to slide down the driveway (finally found a use for this, Kelsey!).  I sat down and called him over, and he came running with a big grin on his face.  But we didn't really move much.  I did pull Cory down though, which was fun.

First movie clip: from yesterday when it started to snow.  Second is from this morning.  Note the drastic difference a bad night of sleep makes in our little friend Iain's demeanor.

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Grace said...

Awww, bring that poor Florida baby back here! Except it's a little too cold here right now..