Sunday, December 16, 2012

Thanksgiving, 2012


Mason and I got home late on the night before Thanksgiving. The next morning, we repacked and got ready to head to Tennessee to be with my family over the holiday. Kelsey (my sister who currently lives in Uganda) was home for a visit, so it was important for us to be there. Even after just arriving home with a newborn. And even after discovering a leak in the basement on Thanksgiving morning! We pulled everything out of the closet, put a big tub down there to catch the water, turned the water off to the house, and hoped for the best.

By the time we dealt with the leak, packed everything up, fed Mason every two seconds, juggled our first day with four kids, and loaded them all in the car, it felt like a full day had passed already!

(four carseats!)

We made what should have been a five-hour-drive take almost eight. We totally missed Thanksgiving dinner. (Yeah, McD's it is, kids.) But we eventually made it. Mason got to meet one side of his new family, and they got to meet him. The kids had a BLAST with the cousins/aunts/uncles.
(Mason and Nan--my grandmother. He is her eighth great-grandchild.)

(Laina and Aunt Kelsey)

(Mason and Nona--my mom. He is her sixth grandchild.)

(Mason and Aunt Kelsey)

(Mason and Aunt Haylee)

(love this one! Laina and Aunt Haylee)

Cory "Daniel Boone" went on a five mile hike with the big kids and never once complained about being tired--he drank spring water off a rock and earned the admiration of his big cousins. And he said, "I'm more like Daniel Boone than Cory." Oh the cuteness! (Don't tell him I said that. Cute is NOT okay for this almost-five-year-old.)

Both boys decided they are big now. They ate with the cousins; they popped in and out at will with barely a check-in with Mama. They had the time of their lives.

(look at this big guy!)

We took family pictures.

We played some crazy games. Can't remember the name of this one, but it was some hilarious dice-throwing-pen-grabbing-number-writing game. Competition, as always, was fierce. And yes, Nan won.

We got home late Sunday evening. Brent and Sarah stopped by to meet Mason and drop off some pizza for us for dinner.

We were so glad to be home! Let real life as a family of six begin!

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