Monday, July 29, 2013

Laina is Three!

It's crazy to think that the sweet little girl we met in Rwanda two years ago is now this bubbly, vivacious, delightful three-year-old. She's hilarious, beautiful, smart as a whip, and all girl. For her birthday, she couldn't decide between a princess party with only boys allowed as guests, and a purple butterfly party with a co-ed crew. The butterfly party won out. :)

We held the party on the thirteenth, and had games, food, butterfly decorations, crafts, presents, and LOTS of fun. The birthday girl hardly stopped smiling.


Making the birthday banner:

Laina couldn't quite figure out how to do three fingers...

got it!

photobomb by Cory

Thank you, Nona, for the birthday dress! 

Let the party begin!

throwing butterfly beanbags into the center of the flower (beanbags: my mom. flower: Micah. How does anyone throw a party without family?) 

 two kinds of butterfly crafts

The Nelsons, the Burtons, Nan, Nona, Haylee, and the Whatleys came to celebrate.

Cupcake time! Laina requested purple cupcakes (with very specific wrappers), and sprinkles. LOVE that face!

Funniest moment of the day--
Kelly: Laina, how old are you today?
Laina: Um...let me check. Mama, how old is me?
Me: You're three.
Laina, turning to Kelly: I'm three!

The next day, Sunday, made it official. She's three. Love that girl so much.

Wearing her new stick-on earrings and birthday dress to church.

 After church, we let the birthday girl decide where to eat lunch. Her choice: Panda Express! Think she liked it?
Laina, your name means bright light, and that's what you are. You're our sweet, funny girl, and I keep coming back to the same word to describe you: delightful. We love you and we're forever grateful that you're our girl! Happy birthday, Laina Kate!

See first birthday pictures here, and second birthday here.

Laina at one:

Laina at two:

 Laina at three:

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