Monday, July 16, 2012

Laina is Two!

Our sweet Laina turned two on Saturday! While her party is still a few days off (so that Nona and Nan can be here), we did have some celebrating to do. After all, you only turn two once!


 Silly brothers:

"Pizza-pie," her favorite. With candles, thanks to the boys.

Like last year, we lit a candle in honor of Laina's birth family.

After dinner, I took her outside for a two-year-old photo shoot. She was telling me about birds. And then the camera battery died. But how cute is she, telling me about birds?

We also spent the day trying to teach Laina that when we say, "How old are you?" the correct response is "two." Every time, she says, "I'm five." Every time. She also hasn't figured out how to hold up two fingers, so she holds out her hand to me and says, "Dingers, Mama," and I make her "dingers" into the proper position. It's so stinkin' cute.

Laina has an incredible vocabulary. She knows the names of just about everything we ask her about. She asks questions all the time (has to keep up with the boys!) and a few weeks ago started asking "why?" Yesterday, we were watching part of Blue Planet and every time a fish would come on, she'd hold her hands out to show the size of it and say, "It's big, Mama?" or "It's small, Mama?" and I'd tell her, and she'd reply with a very serious, "Ohhh."

She also has really started playing with her doll Anna a lot. This morning, she laid Anna on the changing pad and tried to put a diaper on her. She likes to push her around the house in the grocery cart, too. Girls are SO different from boys. :)

Laina, we love you. You are smart, funny, sweet, absolutely adorable, snuggly, and you've got some good dance moves, too! We are forever thankful you are ours. Happy birthday, sweet girl!

Laina, age nine months:

Laina on her first birthday:

And on her second birthday:


heather said...

What a beautiful birthday for Laina Allie. She is a blessed little one and your family is blessed by her. My heart did a jig when I saw the candle lighting tradition in honor of her birth family. Blessings to you and the family on this special day.:)))

Mrs said...

Happy Birthday, Miss Two-Good-To-Be-True! You are loved!

Lindy said...

LOVE her!! Happy Birthday, Laina! :)