Monday, August 13, 2012

The M&M Birthday

Laina is a total M&M fan. She especially loves the purple ones (um, there aren't any unless they are special-ordered; thank you Liz and Penny!) and the green ones. So when it came time to think of a fun birthday theme, M&Ms was an easy choice and made for a very happy girl. Get ready for lots of pictures. She's too darn cute to cut any!

The night before the party, we gave her her present from us in time for movie night. She was thrilled! The boys already had bean bags, so now she's big like them.

Getting ready for the party. In the presence of so many M&Ms, Laina about lost her mind.

Posing by her birthday banner. What a ham! I made her Green M&M t-shirt dress from a huge t-shirt from Walmart. It turned out cute!

Two sweet M&Ms coming to party down. (Addie and Penny, Laina's cousins.)

Party Time!
 The guests enjoying pizza. Everyone had on M&M shirts.

Family shots:

 Love this one. Look at Cory's face!

Nan and the Greats. From left: Titus (age 5 months), Iain (5), Isaiah (almost 3), Laina (2), Nan, Cory (4.5), Addie (3), Penny (2.5)

The Greats, with Laina as the Statue of Liberty. :) 

Brownie M&M Cake and Ice Cream
 I love this picture. Beautiful girl!

She knew just what to do with those candles.

 Oh my word. The cuteness.

 Think she liked it?


 Nan made Laina and I matching aprons for our birthdays. Did I mention how much fun it is to have a daughter?

Though it was a family-only party, we still had a full house and a great time (and lots of sugar!). It was so much fun to celebrate our sweet girl with the big smile. We love you, Laina-Bug!

Click here to see last year's party. How she's grown!
Also, thanks to Lindy and my mom for many of the pictures.


Kristen W said...

So cute! She is beautiful!

Adrienne said...

That looks like the sweetest party ever!!! I LOVE her hair, and the dress you made is too fun! The family pictures were my very favorite... and the ones of her eating... and the one with her gifts, OK, never mind, I just LOVE THEM ALL!