Saturday, August 18, 2012


Lauren and I met when Iain was two weeks old, and her oldest, Noah, was eight weeks old.
(Lauren with Iain, left, and Noah, right)
We lived in the same neighborhood and our friendship formed through long walks with firstborns and strollers, and was strengthened by visits to each other's houses, sharing our love for reading and writing, asking each other the kinds of questions new moms ask (as if the other one, also a new mom, knew the answers!), walking through the ins and outs of homemaking, marriage, ministry, church. And by Lauren's famous chocolate chip cookies.

We did life together, for three years. We went to the same church (discovered on our first walk!) Our kids are friends (she has two boys now, and Jude, her youngest, is my birthday buddy). We are so thankful for Lauren and her family!
(Iain, left, and Noah watching the Superbowl together)

(at Iain's baby dedication)

Though we sadly don't live in the same state anymore, a Florida trip rarely goes by that we don't get together. Steak and Shake sees our business every time I go to Orlando.

We speak the same language.
(This is the most recent picture I have of us together. That's Jude, in the baby carrier. He's three now. Need more pictures.)

Lauren was one of the first people I told that we were adopting Laina. And when I told her about this next adoption (was it at Steak and Shake? Might have been!), and shared with her some of the funding woes we were experiencing, she started brainstorming. We talked until, what, midnight? about an idea that morphed into Piece by Piece. 

The next day, she recorded the kids playing at the park, and Jeremy and I talking (it was hilarious!), and then over the next few weeks, she used her incredible talents to:
--come up with a fundraising strategy
--make our terrific video (go here to watch it if you haven't seen it-- she did SUCH a good job!)
--design and implement our adoption blog.
--set up Chip-In and get it going.

She did all this while raising two kids, working, and running her home. 


Lauren, thank you so much for all this. It's crazy. And wonderful. Thank you for loving our baby, and us, and for using your time and talents to help us bring her home. And for the milkshakes!


Lauren said...

Allie, I have tears in my eyes! Thank you for this sweet, sweet post. Just seeing those old pictures, with the boys so small, makes me reflect on how blessed we are to have your family in our lives. I see a lot more milkshakes in our future!

And thank you for letting me be a part of your adoption journey... It is an honor and a privilege. I mean that. You inspire and challenge me with your obedience to the call God has placed on your heart and Jeremy's. I can't wait to snuggle that new baby!

I love you!

Adrienne said...

I love to see examples of God bringing people together to do mighty things that could not be done on our own! How beautiful to read about your friendship, to see the Lord use this woman to help you bring your next child home! Thanks for this fun post!!