Friday, August 17, 2012

The Alexanders

(The first of three posts about friends who gave their time, talents, and creativity to help us bring our baby home...)

Sharon and I were roommates for the second semester of our freshman year of college at FSU. We met at The Wesley Foundation, the campus ministry we both attended (and loved). When my roommate took an internship for her second semester and Sharon needed a place, we worked it out for her to move in with me into Gilchrist dorm, room 226, together (is it weird that I still remember the room number?).

We walked to and from worship together often (how nice that Welsey was right across the street!), and shared our friends, our time, and our home. We stayed friends for the rest of college, and then, as often happens, went our separate ways after graduation. Enter Facebook! :) Having re-made contact, I got to "meet" Sharon's family.
(Oh my word, look at that face!)

Sharon and her husband Jesse had a sweet baby girl last year. Michaela turns one in a few days, and weeks ago, Sharon shared her plan for helping our baby come home. She and Jesse decided that in leu of gifts for Michaela, they would ask people to donate to our puzzle piece fundraiser, Piece By Piece, in Michaela's honor. Jeremy and I were so touched by their idea and their kindness. Sharon said that she couldn't think of a better way to celebrate the birth of their precious daughter than by helping another child to know the same love Michaela does.


Thank you, Alexander family. You've been the hands and feet of Jesus to us, reminding us of His care and provision for us and our baby. You've encouraged us and blessed us. You've helped bring our baby home, and that, to us, is a very big deal! :)
And happy birthday, Michaela!

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Adrienne said...

That is truly awesome!!! What a beautiful gift... and her reasoning behind it, to make sure another child had the same love that her (totally cute!!) daughter has is just precious!