Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Whirlwind Summer

A picture-full post.

Iain left this note for me on my chai tea. And at the after-dinner meeting? He gave me a craft he had made for a late birthday present. The note, to me, was the biggest gift. :)

This is what Laina does while I sit there thinking, "It's gotten WAY too quiet in here."

We love drawing at this house!

Cory made a very detailed scene that included all of his family as pirates.

I know the color on this one is bad, but look how cute she is in her birthday apron!

Helping Mommy make brownies. Whenever I ask her if she wants to help me cook, she lights up and says, "Laina apron? Mommy apron?"

Yesterday, we babysat Isaiah and Titus. Isaiah "read" Laina a book.

A few weeks ago, Cory and I went on a date. We ate ice cream oreos at Hardees and threw rocks in the lake. His date of choice.

Jeremy has been teaching the boys to play chess. Cory made a rook out of legos.

And more drawing!

My friend Angela came to visit for breakfast one morning. I hadn't seen her since I was pregnant with Iain. So fun!

And the day after that visit, I flew (by myself!) to Pennsylvania for a few wonderful, restful, talk-full, read-full, write-full days with Alison. We started the trip right by spending five hours at the beach talking. 

And the day after I got home, we drove to Pensacola to visit the Bowers! They travelled with us when we went to get Laina and they went to get their son Jeb. We love the Bowers and were SO glad to spend a few days with them. 

 Jeb and Laina then...

 And now!

Cory at the airplane museum.

Laina and Maddie

Iain and Nate

 Then we left Pensacola and went to visit Sidonie and Ryan, home from Germany for a visit. They had never met Laina. SO good to see them!

I LOVE this picture!

Then we drove to Orlando for a few days, and then home, just in time for
Iain to start Timothy! Phew. Told you it was a whirlwind summer!

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Love the photos. And the family!