Monday, August 20, 2012

And the Results

Alison, Lauren and Sharon used time, creativity, and thinking outside the box to do what they could to help a child find a family. In doing so, they blessed us--the child's future family--as well. If you're adopting, be encouraged! God knows the your needs and will call others to help you meet them. He is in the business of putting the lonely in families, after all. He did it with us, when He brought us into His family, and He did that by using others, too. While adoption can seem like a lonely road, I don't believe God calls us to walk it alone.

(four sweet kiddos, set in families by God)

And in playing up the giving of time, talents, and creativity, I certainly don't want to overlook the often sacrificial monetary gifts that will help bring our baby home. There have been times when we've either received a gift that we knew was sacrificial, or a gift that was just larger than we ever would have expected, and boy, both those things "fire us up" as Jeremy says. They remind us that a) God is working on our behalf, and b) we have people who are "with us!" While I hate to be talking so much about money in the past few days, the fact is that adoption is expensive and is very often the first (and sometimes only) reason people hesitate to begin an adoption. And it just shouldn't stop you. God provides. He does.

Sometimes that might look like a bank loan that you repay over time (this may be the case with this second adoption)--and I know some people will disagree with me on this, but what better thing to go into debt for than being a family for a child in need? Sometimes this may look like applying for grants and loans until your eyeballs fall out of your head. Thank God those means are available! Sometimes this may look like sitting outside in July in the sun for a garage sale, or writing letters that make you feel uncomfortable (Hello! Asking for financial help is always uncomfortable and awkward!), or doing bake sales or working long hours for a time. Often it will look like accepting the help of others and learning to graciously receive generosity. Always, it will look like hard work--yours, and other people's.

 (Our three kids getting ready to go to church--Laina's first time!)

But when the Body of Christ comes together to do something as amazing as bringing a child who had no one into a family, something miraculous happens. Because now that child not only has a family. Now she has a whole group of people who used their money, time, energy, prayers, and work for her. Now she is loved by many. Now she is wanted by many. Now her family feels supported as they take on the task of grafting a new family member in. Now all those people have had the privilege of being part of God's story of redemption, played out before their eyes. God is glorified, everyone is blessed. And she comes home.

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La Dolce Vita: The Sweet Life said...

Amen. Trusting for this myself.

So blessed you are with friends willing to fight to bring your kids home. Love it.