Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Trip

We made another weekend trip! After saying we weren't going to try it again for a while (because of Iain's fussiness), we decided in the spur of the moment to go to Atlanta. Pastor Tim, our pastor from FSU Wesley was preaching Friday night, Saturday night, and Sunday morning. We had a WONDERFUL (if busy and crazy) time! It was good to see him and other Wesley friends again. We stayed with Jeremy's uncle Larry and aunt Lisa who very hospitably put us up in their home at the last minute. We were happy to introduce Cory to everyone. :)

Kelly, Shamona, and Cory:

Kristen and Iain:

Bridget and Iain:

Saturday afternoon, we spent some time at a park in Atlanta, letting Iain run off some energy. He had fun and it sure was cold!

We met some interesting children there...the girl who kept repeating "hello, it's dirty" to Iain when he tried to touch her ball... the two little girls with the pompoms on their hats who stood around waif-like and stared... the boy who ran his bike into Jeremy's legs in an attempt to get some attention.... At least our son is normal....


Mrs said...

Normal AND adorable! Everyone knows the best place for laundry is on your head.

Smart kid.

Mrs said...

My cuddle date with Cory must be postponed. I have a scratchy throat and achy head. :-(