Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Slowly Getting Better

Iain is very slowly recovering from his cold. Finally. He's had it for three of Cory's four weeks of life. Yikes. But praise the Lord that Cory is still well.

We had a good visit with Grammy and Papa last weekend - unfortunately, I didn't bring my camera with me to anything... this is the only good picture I got. Iain and Papa are looking at pictures of... guess who?... on Papa's camera. Notice Iain wearing Cory's hat. :)

We had a good time playing outside with Phyllis and her kids. Iain and Jaan especially had fun on Iain's toy car:

Iain has recently started climbing up onto the footstool in the living room, raising hid hands above his head, and proclaiming: "big, big!" He loves that he can look out the window on his own, too.

These days, if I try to get Cory to smile (tickling his cheeks, saying "smile" in a ridiculous baby voice), Iain comes up and shows me that HE can smile. Here's what I get:

And Cory turned four weeks old yesterday! Here he is, sleeping sweetly on his four-week-birthday.

P.S. As I was feeding Iain dinner just now, I tried to spoon some peas and corn into his mouth. He pointed at the table and said "dinglebat." Apparently that means, "Please, dear mother, I should prefer to eat my vegetables directly from the table using my fingers, but thank you for the consideration." His language is much more succinct.


Mrs said...

I like Iain's interpretation of "dinglebat" much better. It's so polite.

Great pictures!

lb said...

It's hard to believe it's been 4 weeks already! I love looking at the pictures you post and hearing all about your adventures.


Shannon said...

No one mentioned that with motherhood comes the innate ability to be an interpreter...what a great skill! I mean, one could use that on a resume! ;)

I miss you. I'm almost ALL healthy...soon...soon!

The Bridge said...

I have decided once again the the Brannon family is one of my favorites! The boys are too cute!
Miss you all!