Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Thousand Pictures are Worth Some Words

In other words, I have so very many cute pictures to share, that I will hardly write anything on this post - just enough to tell the story. Enjoy my beautiful boys!

Iain happily making valentines... and Cory watching, with crayon just out of reach. Iain really loved the smily face stickers - especially the blue ones!

We went to Alabama over the weekend to go to a reception for Jenna and Curtis (my sister and her fiance). Jenna rode with us from Tallahassee on. It was a long trip, especially for Iain. He fussed (and YELLED) a lot - but he also helped Jenna plan her wedding, as you can see.

Cory turned one month old in Alabama, on Feb 15. A whole month for our sweet baby! Here he is on his one-month birthday:

More Alabama pictures, including some of Iain tasting his first pecan which he picked up from the ground himself and Byron (Curtis' brother) cracked for him (or shelled?). Iain loved it! (In the second pecan picture, Iain is saying please.)

Jeremy and I both got to shoot a .38 special and Jeremy shot a 9mm too... and yes, he told me the names of both so I'd sound knowledgeable and impress you all. Capers, Curtis' other brother, gave us lessons.

Cory is now officially a cloth diaper baby:

And a sweet, sleepy baby:

And a smiling, babbling baby:

..with a very silly brother:

Last night, Lauren, Pete and Noah came over for dinner (spoonburgers, yum!). Iain and Noah had so much fun laughing, babbling, and playing together. Then they turned into monkeys:

From left to right: Jeremy, Iain, Noah, Pete. What good taste they all have!

And some of my new favorites.
My snugglebugs:

And perhaps my favorite picture in the world:


Mrs said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! I second the "favorite" vote - how precious.

Jenna was supposed to call me back; a week ago. LOL Poor girl, I'll bet her head is spinning.

Momma, so glad to see you soaking up those boys while you can! I don't have to tell you to treasure every second. It's obvious you are.

Jessie said...

I'm definitely digging the shoes picture! :D
I also love your favorite - so sweet!

It was nice to see you and Cory this evening. Feel free to plan weddings every Monday! ;)