Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February Book List... in progress

So far:

1. Bouncing Back from Pregnancy by Dr. Sherri Lerner. Pretty much a re-write of Body by God by her husband, but tweaked toward post-partum recovery. A good resource for nutritional and exercise information.

2. A Bit on the Side by Wiliam Trevor. This book of Irish short stories was really good. It is one of Haylee's lit books for college, so I read it for fun. I really enjoyed almost all the stories and his writing is fantastic!

3. Levi's Will by W. Dale Cramer. Coming on the heels of A Bit on the Side, the writing was disappointing. The book had a lot of information about the Amish that I didn't know, which was cool. It was long - too long in my opinion, but a decent story nonetheless.

4. Elegant and Easy Bedrooms by Dylan Landis. In an effort to educate myself in the basics of making a home beautiful. I checked this book out from the library. No good. Not helpful. Too bad.

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