Thursday, October 30, 2008

Pumpkin Pumpkin!

October, even for those who don't celebrate Halloween, is the Month of Pumpkins. Iain is completely fascinated with them. He says, "We like those. God made them."

So in honor of the pumpkins, we made some! (Phyllis, this is the long-overdue craft post I promised!) I found this fun activity here. We made three: one for Miss Judy down the street, one for Grammy when we visited her, and one for us. Meanwhile, Cory played with a pumpkin-colored balloon from Publix.

The pumpkins are just paper bags with the corners poked in, stuffed with some crumpled paper, and painted orange. Then we tied curly ribbon on them for vines. Fun!

And to continue with our theme, Nona came with the boys and me to the pumpkin patch at the Methodist church nearby. My goodness, we took a lot of pictures! It's hard to get two squirmy boys to hold still and smile when there are pumpkins to be drummed on, hay bales to climb, and gourds to feel.

As I was scrolling through the pictures and listening to the Beatles, I had to laugh - the out-takes and crazy shots were so funny! So I'm going to try to make a slideshow set to music for your viewing pleasure. Here's a teaser:

I love fall!


Mrs said...

And I love cute little boys!

Wasn't today's weather perfect?

See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I miss them!!


Lauren said...

CUTE! Did the boys like our glowing pumpkin?

s i d. said...

Oh my. Those grandma photos are screaming for a picture frame. Priceless!

Love you guys!

Rachel said...

oooo! i can't wait!