Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jingle Bells

We always need to have a Christmas project to do with all the cousins when they come to town. Last year, it was gingerbread houses. This year, I saw this and thought it would make for a fun jingle bell time when we go caroling around the neighborhood. It's taken from the decorations of the store Anthropologie, which always has the most creative, clever, unusual, pretty displays and decorations I have ever seen. I think ours turned out just as nice!

So Nan assembled the bells and ribbons, and we had a gay old time making colorful, noisy, and festive garlands.

I clothespinned them up to the window to keep them untangled, and they looked so great up there! Forget caroling - can I just leave them hanging on my window?

We did jingle all the way as we caroled (it was not as obnoxious as you might think). I don't have any pictures of that as it was too dark. The boys had fun with their bells. Iain was feeling (and still is feeling) under the weather with a nasty cold, but he was very interested by the idea of going from house to house knocking on doors and singing. He kept asking, "We're doing?"

Cory loved loved loved caroling. He jingled his bells, bounced up and down in the arms of whoever was holding him, and sang along. Oh yes he did sing along, this brilliant not-quite-one year old. He hummed and sang whenever we did and stopped when we stopped. So what if there were no words to his songs? They were adorable and beautiful.

Back to the jingle bells: After the caroling, most of the bells turned up again decorating a lamp at my mom's house. I really like how they turned out! Kind of shabby chic, I think.

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