Sunday, December 28, 2008

Our Very Own Tree

Let me prove to you how much these boys love our Christmas tree.

They love to play under it.

Cory turns to point to it, rather than looking out the window, when we ask him where the tree is.

Recent conversation at the Post Office, with an elderly man spreading Christmas cheer:

Man: (to Iain) Merry Christmas!
Iain: We have our own Christmas Tree.
Man: You do?
Iain: It's got guitars on it. (ornaments of Jeremy's that Iain really, really wants to play with, but isn't allowed to)
Man: What?
Me: (explaining about the ornaments)
Man: Well, that's nice.
Iain: Daddy will teach me to play guitar when I am bigger.
Man: (probably thinking "I never should have said Merry Christmas!") Okay then. Goodbye.

Iain loves to read under it. What better place to lie down with a good book? (I LOVE these pictures, even though they are dark.)

What will these boys do when they realize that the Christmas tree is unfortunately not a permanent part of our home's decor?

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Mrs said...

Love all the posts! And the Bells! I definitely want some for my Christmas decorations next year. [looking around the house for the perfect place to hang them]

I guess we'll see you Friday? If my company is still here I'll let you know. We'll have to pass if so.