Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where They Spend Their Time

(Get ready for some rapid-fire blog entries!)

Both Iain and Cory love tiny places. It's not unusual for me to be momentarily unable to find one or the other of them as they hide away. Here are some of their favorite spots:

In The Buddy Hug: Iain named this little nook between the couch and the wall. Why it is called The Buddy Hug I do not know. Both boys love to play there, and especially to dump all the buddies (stuffed animals) back there and burrow.

In The Buddy Box: Can you see my little buddy?

On The Orange Chair: (yes, it is orange under that white blanket!) Iain used to do this when he was younger, too. Cory can climb onto the chair by himself and often sits up there to read his books. Then he turns around and scoots back down.

Behind The Orange Chair: Right now, the chair is in the new room (as we still call it, though it is a year old now), so there would be room for the Christmas tree in the living room. The chair is back in a little nook created by a closet door on one side, and Jeremy's drums on the other. But behind the chair, there is just enough space for one little boy, or two, to crawl, hide, and play. Cory uses this spot the most, but Iain likes it, too.

And now you know where to find the boys if they ever go missing!

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