Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Apple Picking Day

What a wonderful way to welcome my very favorite season!  We ushered in fall by driving up to Sky Top Apple Orchard to meet up with the cousins for autumnal fun.  We picked apples, played in the bamboo forest, enjoyed the sunshine and the sweet, juicy apples: the best I've ever had.  How simply delightful to pick an apple right from the branch and eat it as you walk along the rows of trees, with the smell of warm grass and the dappled sunshine enhancing every bite.

Look at these apple-loving boys!  Iain's got one in each hand. 

Rome apples - so tasty!

Jenna and Isaiah drove up with us, which was very nice as the drive took an hour and a half longer than we had anticipated.  Iain and Cory especially enjoyed being with the cousins, whom they love dearly.  Iain ate three apples during the day, and when I didn't see him chomping down, all I saw of him was his back as he ran off with one cousin or another to play.

Iain and Sam:

What a handsome fella!

Did he stop running all day?  I don't think so.

Sweet Cory ate his one apple and loved it.  He kept slipping on all the apples on the ground and winding up smelling a bit fermented from the apple mush.  He especially liked plopping the apples into the bushel.  He also loved jumping on sticks.  He skipped his nap and did wonderfully, although he was a little more snuggly than usual.  (We have in the past few weeks gotten to the point where he only has his pacifier for naptime and nighttime.  But the poor little guy was so sleepy, I let him use it during this time too.)


Cory and Mama being a flower:

Cassie, Cory, and Sam in the playhouse:

Cassie and Cory in the bamboo:

What a beautiful place!
Iain, Jenna, Aunt Steph and Isaiah:

The gang's all here!


Phyllis said...

Cute photos! The bamboo reminds me of days at "The Lake House."

Allie said...

Yes, that's what I was thinking of too!