Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Rwanda Bracelets

These are the doors to the "HH" Orphanage in Kigali, Rwanda. (I'm calling it HH so as not to post its real name, out of sensitivity to the people who live and work there.)

This is the orphanage from which we will adopt our baby girl.

She may already be behind those doors.


Introducing the Rwanda:Hope bracelets!  Colored blue, like the distinctive doors, these bracelets can remind you to pray: for our little girl, for the others behind those doors, for Rwanda's orphans, for Africa's orphans, for the world's orphans.  

If you'd like to buy a Rwanda:Hope bracelet, please say so in a comment, or email me at HopeNotes.kab (at) gmail (dot) com.  Obviously, you'll have to replace the (at) with @ and the (dot) with .

Suggested donation for the bracelets is $3 each and all proceeds go to our adoption.  We ordered them and we'll be mailing them out, so you can get them directly from us.

I think Iain's telling you to buy five!  (Really, he did this when I said to model the bracelets.  I guess that's what models do.)


Mrs said...

Three, please!

Jessica Leigh said...

Two for me!

Papa said...

Check's in the mail. Gimme five!