Thursday, October 08, 2009

Iain-isms To Brighten Your Day

A song by Iain:
Geez-oh-lee goes to the farm
She sees a puppet that she wanted
It was a bunny in a pen
She didn't know what to do!

Iain: (playing with chalk) I want more chalk!
Me: You have enough chalk, and if you say it like that again, you're done.
Iain: Are you sure that's how the story goes?

Iain: I call heads gibbies.  Whenever I see a head, I say, "It's a gibby!"

Iain, hopping around with a slinky: I am jumping up mountains and breaking rocks with my telescope hammer! (How's that for creative?)


Alison McLennan said...

Ha ha ha...thanks for the chuckle. He sounds like such a special little guy. Isn't a child's mind an amazing thing?

s i d. said...

Oh, Iain! It was so fun to talk to you on the phone today. Thanks for showing me your cool red tricycle and your bunny. I only wish I could've seen Bunny's fort. Maybe next time! Hug your Mom and Dad and Cory for me!

With Love,
Awwwnt sid:)

s i d. said...

BTW. Thought about your little girl today... and about how she has been handpicked for you... and you all for chills. I'm sure you can't relate;).

Praying. So excited. Too excited for complete sentences, apparently. Just overwhelmed at what God is doing. I have a feeling I'm going to spend quite a bit of time crying tears of joy in the not so distant future. Favor with the tedious stuff and grace for the wait! Love you guys!

Heidi Armstrong said...

I would love to walk this journey with you!! We are are in the very beginning stages.. almost done with our home study! Yeah! we are Praying for you and I will be reading about your journey! Kelsey's friend, Heidi

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