Tuesday, October 06, 2009


Iain and his creative "bee-nocu-lers"

Iain's choices for names for his new little sister: Cat Girl, Bear Girl, and my favorite, Moon Chip Brannon

Name of our book giveaway winner: Shannon!  (Thanks for sharing your great story!  But it was a random drawing, not based on the merit of the story, like I promised.)  Thanks everyone who entered, and especially those who shared a story!

Congratulations, Shannon!  I'll be getting that book to you soon!

Any other baby name ideas?  We can't really name her Moon Chip, right?


Lindy said...

Moon Chip it is!! It fits in nicely with Denzel and Little Wiggy!! :)

Kelsey said...

Yeah... I don't know if it was such a good idea to share that name suggestion on your blog.... :)

Mrs said...

I think Aunt Haylee should name here. She'd do well with a name like, "Open Eyes Close Eyes," don't you think?

Nona said...

I seem to remember you wanting to name one of your sisters "Kalissa Rainbow." So, your son must get the creative-naming gene from you!

Shannon said...

Hmm, I still have your name book- I'm thinking it's high time I gave it back, seeing as we did finally name our second born (three days after her birth- just like her sister!) and have been quite happy with our choice for almost 8 months!!! So sorry about that!
Yeaahhh, Moon Chip, while it earns creative points, I don't think she will appreciate that when she's 10. And yes, I seem to remember hearing the Kalissa Rainbow story...you and Leetra always had the most (ahem) interesting names for your future children! =) But you did just fine with the first two, so I have great confidence in you!

Thanks so much for the book! How fun! I've never won a prize like this before! ;OP Yeah!

Miss you friend!

Anonymous said...

I like Moon. just maybe not chip. unless she has a twin in which case you could name them Moon Chip and Star Dale.

Think about itt..