Friday, November 13, 2009

Today Needs to be a Gift Day

(because I need the attitude adjustment!)
108. the fact that even though most days I can't wait to get the boys in bed, I miss them once they are down.
109. Cory yelling, "Mama!" with a happy grin when he sees me in the morning.
110. Iain has just discovered the movie Cars.  Then he realized he already had shoes, a sleeping bag, and a post card with "Lightning the Queen" on them.  He was thrilled!
111. how much my boys love their cousins (or really, second cousins).
112. the cousins taking the time to play with and love on my boys.
113. Cory prays for his baby sister at every meal: "Dee Ge-us, um, baby sister, dee Ge-us, amen!"
114. Vitamin Water from Target.  Surprisingly tasty!
115. even though our baby gate is broken, no one has fallen down the stairs or tried to climb down when unauthorized.
116. the beautiful cool weather that makes me wish for a crackling fire and a good book
117. the fact that we have a fireplace!  Even though it's not working at the moment, at least we have the capability to have a fire someday.
118. which means we have a mantle to hang stockings on this year
119. and next year, we'll have five stockings to hang!
120. Cory looks so cute in his Oompa-Loompa pjs.  
121. our back deck


Christopher Ryan said...

Love Cory's prayer! Too cute!

KSA said...

I just recently found the gratitude community and have been very blessed by strangers rejoicing in the daily things. Thanks for the encouragement.