Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Story Time Humor

Cory, to the clerk at Aldi and every child at story time today: How you today?  (And he charmed them all!)

Cory, to the librarian: Iain Mark Brannon!

Librarian: Oh, you liked your books, did you?  (Maybe Iain's name, randomly shouted, is code for "these were some good books.")

Iain, to Daddy, on the subject of the movie shown at story time:  I didn't think that movie was any clever at all.

(Well, honestly, it creeped me out a little too.  All about chicken soup with rice - swimming in it, watering children dressed up like roses in it, making it come out a whale's spout.  Gross!)

(Remember Iain's rather - uh - uncomplimentary comments about another story time?  Maybe he'll grow up to be a critic.)

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Ma said...

Always love your stories of the boys!