Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas, 2009 (In All Its Glory!)

Christmas this year: fun, crazy, fast, packed, full of family, a full house.

Iain fell off the couch during his nap.  The nap continued.

The boys LOVED putting up and decorating the tree.  And stopping to sing Christmas carols along the way.

Jeremy and Iain working on Iain's "special project," a coloring sheet he does a bit at a time.

Jeremy and Cory fake sleeping.

*Cory's favorite, sung loudly: Joy to de World!
*Iain's favorite (or the only one he says he knows): We Wish You a Merry Christmas.
*It was fun decorating the Rock House for the first time.  And great that both our families could be with us for Christmas!
*The boys love candy canes and "rain" on the tree.

Iain was in his first pageant in church.  He was an angel.

*He did NOT wear a halo like the rest of the kids because he didn't want to look like a real angel.
*He stood and sat on cue, but refused to sing or do any motions, except jingling the bells at the end.  He said this was because he didn't know the songs.  He did.
*During the first song, the band was still on stage, so naturally, Iain stood facing backwards so he could watch them play.
*His favorite part was passing out candy canes at the end.

Jeremy's parents (Grammy and Papa) arrived on Monday the 21st.  They helped me paint Cory's room, and Papa and the boys put together one of their gifts: a sandbox!

Cory found ice in the toy wheelbarrow in the backyard.

*Papa posted on his blog leading up to the sand box reveal, so the boys knew he was bringing a red box for them to help him put together, but they didn't know it was for them, or what was in it.
*Cory's room looks GREAT!  More pictures to come.
*We also had Uncle Larry and Aunt Lisa over for dinner one night.
*Cory was teething hardcore and Iain was sick with a nasty cold.
*We had a little birthday party for Grammy, and the boys made a sign and wiggly worm cookies (the day before G&P came).  Yes, they stayed in their pajamas for most of the sign-and-cookie-making day.

Sickies on the couch.  Watching movies is the one good part about being sick when you're a kid.

My family arrived on Christmas Eve, making a total of 12 people for Christmas.

Poor, sick baby!  His lip isn't really swollen; he likes to stick his tongue under his top lip.  But his nose really was that red!

*We had a delicious Christmas Eve dinner, complements of Grammy, with a ham from Jenna and Curtis.
*We had a Christmas Eve service, complements of Jeremy and Papa, complete with Christmas carols (all verses!), and a telling of the Christmas story with the felt Nativity that Grammy made when her boys were young.
*By now, Cory (and Jeremy and I) were sick.

Christmas Day was fun and relaxed.

*Haylee got a snuggie, something we will always mock her for.
*Isaiah morphed into a small Santa.
*Winning presents for the boys: magna doodles from Haylee.  But oh, they loved everything they got!  Presents of note: backpacks from Grammy and Papa, remote controlled cars from my mom (right?), electric drum pad things from Phil and Kelly, bed buddies (study buddies? husbands? what do you all call those big pillows with arms?) from Kelsey, an Auburn sweatsuit from Jenna and Curtis, hobby horses from Jeremy and I.
*Poor little Cory was feeling so sick he didn't even open all his presents.
*Our little girl had a few things under the tree for her: a sweet doll and some adorable hairbows and headbands made by my friend Shannon.  
*We missed you, little girl!
*I got two adoption-related books: From Ashes to Africa, and The Strength of Mercy.  Finished the second one yesterday.

The day after Christmas: Kelsey's birthday!  Grammy and Papa headed home, Jeremy headed to work, and the rest of us headed to Ikea!

*hot dogs from Ikea are awesome after a lot of shopping.
*but cinnamon buns are better.

Sunday, the 27th: went to church in the morning.

*The N family arrived (my aunt and uncle and five cousins).  Then the B family arrived (my aunt and uncle and four cousins).  They stayed with us until Monday evening and Tuesday afternoon, respectively.  
*Joining us for dinner, also: Uncle Mark, Aunt Donis, Chris, Liz, Penny (their sweet baby girl), Lindy and Addie (her cutie), and their cousin Briarly (did I spell that right?).  And my family was all still here.
*So we had 31 people over for dinner!  And I neglected to take a single picture.  
*It was so much fun!

That night, we had 23 people at our house for the night.  Yikes!  But we all fit somehow. :)

Monday: My mom and Kelsey left, and the rest of us hiked Red Top Mountain.

*It was so cold!
*Iain cried and screamed almost the whole time, alternating.  It was because he was shivering.  Every time he shivered, he started up again.  And did I mention it was cold?  There was a lot of shivering going on.
*The cousins (and Aunt Steph, apparently) kept running from one tree to another, hugging it and yelling at the top of their lungs.  It was absolutely hilarious.  Especially when they hugged a small tree and toppled it right over.
*Then Haylee and the N's left.

Tuesday: the B's left after lunch and a morning of playing and shopping.  And a great Christmas was had by all.  All of us, anyway.  We loved hosting it here!

And now I can start the New Year with a clear conscience, knowing I finished my Christmas blogging!


Christina said...

WOW! I am impressed with the length of your Christmas blog! Sounds and looks like you had a great Christmas! Did you enjoy your adoption books? Happy New Year!

Lindy said...

Dinner was SO much fun!!! I need to email you the video of "Cory's New Trick"... :)

Christopher Ryan said...

Thanks for all the fun pictures and stories! Hope you guys have a great New Year's celebration tonight! Give the boys hugs for us, and we hope you all feel much better soon!

Shannon said...

Okay, now that YOUR conscience is clear, mine is NOT. I guess now I have to blog about Christmas too. Really, I should, it being Addison's first and all. Okay, you talked me into it. Speaking of talking, I really want to talk to you- for real. On the phone will do. What do you say? =)

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