Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Dossier, Part Two

The Happy Ending!

The dossier is on its way to the agency!  From there, it will go to the Rwandan Embassy, and then on to Rwanda.  This time next month it should be there!

Today was another very long day - though not nearly as long as it would have been had Jeremy not gallantly decided to take most of the day off work and give the boys a Daddy Fun Day, leaving me free to drive all over Georgia alone.  

I left just before eight this morning and didn't get home until after four, but it was worth it!  

-- The people at D county were helpful and friendly and quick.  
-- When I got to Atlanta, I had to park in a garage pretty far from the SOS office.  I parked in the first open spot on the sixth floor, and walked down the stairs.  When I opened the door to exit the stairwell, I was right in the middle of a crowd of rough-looking young men who were talking to several police officers about possession of marijuana.  I walked through quickly and made a wrong turn, and ended up walking for waaaaaaay longer than I needed to, through equally rough parts of Atlanta, in cold and drizzly rain, looking for the Capitol Building that was hidden by mist.
-- I did in fact have the same lady as yesterday doing my documents.  I smiled at her and was pleasant and she was quick in giving me back my documents: ALL CERTIFIED!

On to Kinko's!
-- it took over an hour to copy all the documents in triplicate and without removing any staples.  

-- Kinko's was playing music I liked the whole time, which was fun.  It was like I was in a movie (a very boring movie about making copies) and it was my soundtrack.
-- I drank a peppermint milkshake from Chick-fil-a while copying.  They are truly the tastiest thing around.  I want another one.
-- I videotaped the copy machine at one point, which made me feel like I was taping The Office.  And I took a picture, too.  Call me a nerd.

-- I think these piles are just about the most beautiful thing I've seen all day!  Be still my heart!

-- Funny story: I asked the guy at behind the counter if they did any discounts (copy places ALWAYS give me discounts if I ask.).  He said to ask the other guy who was ringing me up.  I told him it was for a good cause, and noticed his name tag: Ian.  So I told him my son was named Iain, and he gave me 15% off my tab!
-- Then Ian let me take a picture of the treasured dossier perched atop the pile of Christmas presents.  I promise I am far more excited about that package than anyone else will be about theirs!  (See the thin rectangle on top that says FedEx?  That's ours, baby!)  Our dossier should be at the agency's office Thursday afternoon!  God is good!


Christina said...

This is wonderful! I love the pics :)

Jenn said...

So glad to see a happy ending today! I am cracking up at the pics in the copy shop. Congrats on being done with the dossier!

Nona said...

Hurray, Hurray!! I am so glad it is finished! The pictures are great :)

Alison McLennan said...

Yee ha! SO SO SO excited for you! Oh, the relief of having it DONE. Now you can move on to Christmas without worrying about The Third Child. :)

Courtney said...

yay!!! so glad things went smoother the second time around!

Phyllis said...

I'm so glad! Thank you, Lord!

Christopher Ryan said...

Ooo! SO excited that everything's in! I totally agree with your Mom - All things work together for your good! I've not had internet for a couple weeks, so I was happy to catch up on all that's been going on there. We're looking forward to Christmas pictures of the nephews! Give those cuties hugs for us, and Tell Jeremy hello. Hope you guys have an AWESOME Christmas celebration!