Sunday, December 06, 2009

Will You Pray With Us?

We are six weeks and two days into waiting for our I-171H form, the last piece of paperwork we need before we can ship our dossier to our agency, then to the Rwandan Embassy, then on to Rwanda!  While we are not outside of the timeframe they say this document can take, we've been waiting very anxiously for it to arrive.

Now it's even more important it comes soon.  Our physicals will expire in one month and one week (for the second time!).  Since the dossier usually takes a month to get through the Rwandan Embassy and on to Rwanda, if we don't get the process started VERY soon, we'll have to do the physicals over again (again).  This is an expensive and time-consuming (and very frustrating!) process, and one we'd really rather avoid.

So will you please pray with us that the I-171H form will come THIS WEEK?  And that we'll have great favor with the USCIS office (the one processing our form)?

Thanks, everyone!


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Praying here, too! Thanks for something specific to pray for.